Where do companies get these things?

We know most companies manufacture their stuff either on their own or get it from a wholesale of some sorts. But where do companies get some of their stuff, where do they get glass products from, things like jars and bottles. Where do they get their home branded things? Where do they get their electronics?

Glass products

A lot of the glass products that stores sell come from a wholesale. Sometimes a customer can buy there themselves as long as they bulk buy, otherwise you’ll just have to go to the store that sells said product. They can get it from a glass jar supplier for example, these – as the name gives away – supply glass jars and often other glass products. They could also be getting their glass products from apothecary jars wholesale. These are most likely more focussed on the actual apothecary jars but you might be able to get some other glass products here as well.

Home brands

A lot of people think that, when stores sell home branded things, these are always manufactured by the company itself, and that isn’t true a lot of times. It can be true, but for supermarkets and drugstores these are just cheaply manufactured products that they can sell for a lower price. Your expensive cookies might as well come from the same factory as the other ones, they’re just made in a cheaper way, or sold for a lower price when there is actually no difference. This isn’t very uncommon, it happens more than you think. The thing about expensive things being of a higher and better quality is also often untrue. Most of the time people just say that because the product is in a higher price range so it must be better than the rest.


Most of the time they just get them from the factory that the products are made at. If it’s either an Apple product in a non-Apple store or if it’s a hair laser removal device. Most of these electronics are manufactured in Hong Kong, China. If you want the best quality of electronics there is out there, people say you should be on the lookout for ‘Made in Germany’. Germany is really developed in their electronic devices, same goes for cars. So most of the time the electronics come from China but if you want a great quality product, be on the lookout for the Germany mention.

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