Here are the best tips for feeling socially isolated while working from home:

Feeling socially isolated while working from home

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1. Get outside on your lunch break and take a nice walk.  

Being in the house all day can make you want to stay indoors day in and day out. Being outside switches up your scenery, rather than staring at the walls in your house all day.

Fresh air can also uplift your mood if you are feeling a bit wonky. Let the sun warm your skin while you listen to the noise around you.

You may also see other people during your walk, which can help you feel more connected with the rest of the world.

2. Make sure that you clock out right when your shift is over.  

It is easy to just continue working because you are already home, and you feel like an extra 30 mins to an hour won’t

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The balls have dropped; it is time for new year’s resolutions again. Some people enjoy the annual tradition of setting a goal on January first. Others argue it is a waste of time because most resolutions fail by mid-March. Despite the grim statistics, there is a logic to jumping on the new year’s resolution bandwagon. On dates like New Year’s day, birthdays, and even Mondays, people are extra motivated to tackle their goals because they feel like they can turn the page on previous failures.

If you are thinking about making new year’s resolutions to live a healthier lifestyle, keep in mind that they need to be specific, realistic, and long-term. New year’s resolutions are easy to make but difficult to accomplish. You must prepare and plan to turn your resolution into an actual solution. There is no easy magic button to press to keep a resolution. Do not worry;

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Smoking is inhaling smoke and aerosol from a burned substance into the lungs. Inhalation of smoke allows the activated aerosol substances to enter the bloodstream easily through the lungs. Traditionally tobacco is the most used substance for smoking. The leaves are dried and rolled into a paper, burned on one end, and smoked. Apart from tobacco, smoking marijuana and cocaine is also prevalent. 

Smoking is addictive due to the active substances in the smoke and its perceived high and other psychological effects. Some also claim a trance-like state of mind due to certain smoking substances. 

The immediate effects of smoking on the body have led to addiction and dependence on the substance. This number has been increasing over time, and with the growing adult population, the smoking burden and the diseases due to it are increasing manifolds.

What are the effects of smoking on the body?

The smoke, the burnt

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The perfect soft boiled egg does not exi— think again! Jammy yolks, firm whites, and the most classic flavor. That’s the story of these delicious soft boiled eggs

Eat them on their own as a healthy snack, or pair them with a dish of your choice. These tasty eggs go great with just about everything!

Soft boiled eggs on a plate.

The Best Soft Boiled Eggs

Welcome to the ultimate tried and true method of making the BEST soft-boiled eggs!

The soft-boiled technique may be more challenging compared to hard-boiled eggs, but the only tricky part is the boiling time. Once you’ve got that part down, you’re golden. Don’t worry — we’ve got all the info you need right here.

Soft-boiled eggs are a versatile food that tastes amazing with many different types of dishes. They’re a popular ingredient in ramen, salads, or nestled in an egg cup as a dipping for toast.


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Wondering what to make for dinner? You’re in the right place! Below, you’ll find easy dinner ideas to satisfy any craving. Think tacos, pasta, and more!

easy dinner ideas

Do you ever have nights when you just don’t know what to make for dinner? When you run through a mental list of easy dinner ideas, but nothing sounds good? If you do, you’re in the right place. Below, you’ll find 60 healthy dinner recipes that are perfect for busy weeknights. Each one is quick and easy to make, but it still packs a punch of flavor.

Think roasted veggie tacos with a creamy, zesty sauce. Imagine luxurious baked feta and a comforting pasta ready in under 30 minutes. You’ll find all that and more among the easy dinner ideas below. I hope you enjoy looking through them! And the next time you’re craving something healthy, delicious, and quick, and I hope you try

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Get Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair treatment is a popular and preferred hair removal method that many opt for. It offers a non-invasive and long-term solution to body hair.

However, there are certain terms and conditions when getting laser treatment. One non-negotiable condition is that the skin must be healthy.

But what do you do if your skin just broke out before an appointment?

Whether it is a flare-up of a skin condition or cuts, we are here to explain when you can and cannot have laser hair removal.

Damaged Skin Types

Sometimes skin conditions can flare up as you near your treatment appointment.

The most common type of skin damage includes:


Eczema is a skin issue wherein the skin develops rough and itchy rashes. It is quite common and is medically referred to as atopic dermatitis. Eczema can have many forms and types and in some conditions, the skin can even

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While the COVID-19 pandemic has understandably captured the attention of much of the healthcare system and the general public, it is all too easy to overlook other pressing health concerns. A startling 30 % rise in cancer diagnoses among people aged fifteen to thirty-nine between 1973 and 2015 was reported in a recent study in the United States. Among these cancers are those of the kidney, liver, pancreas, breast, colon, and esophagus.

A cancer diagnosis is always heart-wrenching, irrespective of a person’s age and gender. It is even more upsetting for younger adults as they are at a critical juncture in life when they work on being more independent, starting careers, and establishing new relationships. Young adults also have the lowest rates of health insurance coverage and are frequently less financially stable than older adults. Before diving deep into this cesspool of grief, let us try and understand the reason

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Oldways Ambassadors Brenda Atchison and Glorya Fernandez walked a KHN reporter through two cooking demonstrations to showcase modern takes on cultural classics — like a cold black-eyed pea salad just in time for the new year, and a garlicky dill mojo sauce served over spinach salad.

Last year, Kelly LeBlanc, director of nutrition at Oldways, shared the organization’s heritage-based food guide pyramids with KHN for a report on USDA food guidelines. It’s the 10-year anniversary of Oldways’ A Taste of African Heritage nutrition curriculum, and this year, the curriculum became part of the Department of Agriculture’s SNAP-Ed Toolkit, a collection of interventions from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program educational effort focused on helping low-income households make healthier food choices and reinforce healthy eating habits.

KHN (Kaiser Health News) is a national newsroom that produces in-depth journalism about health issues. Together with

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A microwave baked potato is a great side dish for any meal. It only takes a little olive oil, salt, and pepper and an 8-minute cook time and your side dish is ready.

Baked potato topped with sour cream.

Microwave Baked Potato

There is no question that potatoes may be the most beloved vegetable in all of the land. These microwave baked potatoes are just as tasty as baked potatoes in foil or crock pot baked potatoes, just done in less time.

Why make potatoes in the microwave

Reasons why you’ll love it.

These baked potatoes are ready in 8 minutes.

You can rub these baked potatoes with any dry rub you would like.

It’s an easy way to prepare baked potatoes for other recipes.

A great way to prep food for the family.

Potatoes on a counter top.

Featured Ingredients

  • Potatoes- russet potatoes or Idaho potatoes are usually used for baked potatoes. Be sure to leave the skin on.
  • Olive
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This coffee cake recipe is a delicious treat for breakfast or brunch. It’s moist and tender, with a cinnamon swirl in the middle and buttery crumble on top.

Coffee cake

This coffee cake recipe is based on my grandmother’s. Her classic coffee cake was one of my favorite treats when I was growing up. It was moist, tender, rich, and buttery, and it had a delicious swirl of brown sugar and cinnamon through the middle. I didn’t pair it with a cup of coffee back then, but after enjoying many slices of this version with both coffee and tea, I can attest that it’ll be a perfect companion for your hot beverage of choice.

In testing this cinnamon coffee cake, I only made a few small changes to my grandmother’s recipe (which–fun fact!–my mom still has on a handwritten note card). She made a sour cream coffee cake, but because I don’t

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