This Latest Model of Women’s Jeans Must Have in the Wardrobe

Women’s jeans are a must-have item because they are the easiest to mix and match and are used on various occasions. But, are you tired of wearing the same women’s jeans? It’s time to choose a model of contemporary women’s jeans to add to your row of trendy subordinates, guaranteed to be more up to date!

Here are the recommendations for the latest women’s jeans models

For a timeless choice of fashion items, jeans are definitely an option that is a pity to miss. Here are 33 models of the latest women’s jeans that you can collect! Don’t forget to adjust the jeans to your body shape so that you look more proportional and confident when wearing them in your everyday style.

Wide leg jeans, women’s favorite jeans

After the trend of culottes of jeans is again loved by fashionistas, the era of the contemporary women’s jeans model in the form of loose-fitting pants seems to be making a comeback. Even loose women’s jeans are quite successful in shifting the trend of skinny jeans. The wide leg jeans model is often used by taylor swift, a female singer who is also a fashion model in Indonesia.

With a super loose model similar to culottes from the thigh down, these women’s jeans allow the legs to move more freely. Wearing loose bottoms also makes the wearer more comfortable on the move even when the weather is hot!

Versatile Boyfriend jeans

The trending boyfriend jeans model can also be the choice of the contemporary women’s jeans model to fill your closet. Besides being easy to mix and match, boyfriend jeans that are quite loose can be a savior for those who don’t like skinny jeans that have been wrapping their feet too tightly.

Embroidered jeans, eye-catching

Trends in women’s jeans are increasingly diverse, not only in terms of cut, you know. Many variations are made to beautify women’s jeans, such as by using embroidery accessories that are directly embroidered into the basic material of the pants. Embroidered images can vary, from animals to plants. However, floral embroidery is the most popular form of decorating jeans for fashionistas.

Patches of jeans, different color patches

Almost similar to embroidered jeans, this women’s jeans model also adds pictures on the pants so that they become more colorful. But the difference is, the patch is not a patch that is embroidered directly, but a patch of other materials that mostly use pop art designs such as lipstick, lips, rainbows, flamingos to unicorns.

You can also DIY add a self-bought patch to your old women’s jeans or to new, less-patched pants! Be creative and step up your jeans game!

Mom jeans, so they look like Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez

The 90’s style is back to trend, right? The nostalgia of the 90s generation, from music, movies, games, also spreads to fashion. Just look at the cool kids choker accessories nowadays, which were actually popular in the 90s.

Not only that, mom jeans with high waist models with pockets that are quite high, are also trending. Even top Hollywood celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez were caught ‘flying around’ using these women’s jeans.

Even though the name is mom jeans, it doesn’t mean it’s made for mothers, right! The model forms a waistline but remains loose so that it makes it more comfortable to use while making the back fat look faint.

The bottom is usually smaller and some are cropped so that it shows the ankles. Now many mom jeans are produced by combining other models such as ripped or embroidery. Back to classic and be chic!

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