The Sunshine Cure for Winter Blues: Vitamin D – Health Tips


Vitamin D is a nutrient every human needs on a daily basis to maintain healthy bones. Although we have plenty of sources of vitamin D, it cannot equalize the benefits we get from the rising sun every day. However, the winters are the hardest. It becomes difficult to see the shade of sunlight during winter as we learn that winter sunlight does not have enough UVB components for sourcing vitamin D. Can that be an excuse for having insufficient vitamin D? No. We got you covered.

1. Do You Need Vitamin D?



Vitamin D deficiency can lead to bone density loss, leading to severe bone fractures (broken bones), and osteoporosis. It can also lead to other serious diseases in severe vitamin D deficiency, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and autoimmune conditions. With infants and children, there are higher chances of getting rickets. In elderly adults, a lack of vitamin D causes osteomalacia. The list goes on; hence it is advisable to cultivate the habit of consuming vitamin D with the right dosage starting from birth till 71 years or older.

2. Get High on Mushrooms


Mushrooms will be a go-to for all vegetarians. It is feasible to gain vitamin D through mushrooms as it is a rich vegetarian source of vitamin D. It can be grown in your home garden. There are different varieties of mushrooms, and the preferable one for vitamin D is wild mushrooms, as they grow with great exposure to sunlight. Wild mushrooms can provide 2,348 IU per 3.5 ounces, serving 100 grams. When there is no sunlight, mushrooms grown with UV light are also preferable. Now, that is a life-saver, you may say. However, be careful while choosing mushrooms as there are chances that they can also be poisonous; hence it is best to purchase from trusted sources.

3. Get Double Yolked



The yolk is the nutrient-bearing of an egg which contains a rich source of vitamin D. Days when it is difficult to get a sight of sunlight, toss your pan with a splash of olive oil, cook your yolks with a sprinkle of black pepper and pink salt for your liking to absorb the vitamin D without fail. Yolks are high in nutrients, minerals, and healthy fats.

4. Get Glowed All 365 Days


As seasons change, we must adapt and provide for the needs of our bodies. Getting vitamin D cannot be all about consuming your daily supplements all year. As you age, it may only be effective in the short run. How else can you ensure sufficient vitamin D daily and in all seasons? Let us break that down for you in simpler terms – Meet the sun for fifteen minutes early in the morning during summer, spring, and early fall. Consume two servings of fatty fish such as mackerel, sardines, and salmon from November to March. If you are a vegetarian, drink a cup of richly fortified vitamin D milk such as almond, cow, and soy daily in the colder months.


Following these additions to your daily routine will help you stay younger with healthy bones. Good health is the greatest gift you can give yourself, so add these vitamin D boosters to that savings account daily for a better and healthy future.

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