As the COVID pandemic continues to surge, a new but fairly known villain is on the streets. Yes, you heard it right; RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) cases show an unusual summer uptick across the United States.

RSV is a common infection that usually sets in from late December to mid-February every year. This year, however, an early surge in cases has resulted in significantly higher numbers of infections and hospitalizations. The saddest part is that the rising RSV rates coincide with the anticipated wintertime surge in COVID-19 and an early flu season, which has made the experts suspect “tripledemic”. More data follows…


1. RSV: What Is It?


RSV, or respiratory syncytial virus, is a common winter guest that is usually mild but occasionally dangerous. It causes cold-like symptoms like fever, runny nose, chest congestion, and cough. However, RSV symptoms are more severe and last longer than most cold viruses in

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Coronary vessel or artery disease is reaching unprecedented numbers in the world, and with that, there is a marginal increase in the number of patients undergoing a coronary artery bypass graft. It is a very important life-saving surgery. It can extend life expectancy. In this procedure, another vessel like an artery, such as an internal mammary artery or a vein, like a saphenous vein, is used to create a bypass to the clogged or diseased vessel. It is a very major surgery with its own complications. 

In earlier times, grafts were removed by putting long skin incisions on the skin. The length of the incision was as long as the graft that was needed. Therefore if a 90 cm long graft was needed, a 90 cm long incision was given. It was associated with an increased hospital stay, a long time for recovery, and pain at the site of the

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Warm this soul with this tender beef barley soup recipe. It’s made with beef chuck roast, carrots, peas, barley, and delicious beef broth.

bowl of beef and barley soup.

Favorite Fall Meal – Beef and Barley Soup

Is there anything better than a hot bowl of soup on a chilly fall day? This beef and barley soup is hearty, filling, and just what the soul needs on a brisk fall night.

This beef and barley soup is simmered on the stovetop for almost and hour is made with beef chuck roast, tons of fall veggies, barley, red wine, and beef broth.

Why you’ll love it!

Hearty and filling

Easy to freeze


cooking onion in pot

Featured Ingredients

  • Beef chuck roast: beef chuck roast has a higher fat percentage, but it makes it a great cut of beef for soups and stews.
  • Spices: the chuck roast is dry brined for about 2 hours in salt, garlic powder, thyme, pepper,
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These buffalo cauliflower wings are an irresistible side dish or game day snack! They have delicious crispy edges and an amazing spicy, tangy flavor.

Buffalo cauliflower wings

In the last couple of years, buffalo cauliflower wings, a plant-based spin on buffalo chicken wings, have become a classic game day snack. But after testing and perfecting this recipe, I’m here to tell you that buffalo cauliflower is wayyyy too good to only make on game day. I’ve been whipping it up for fall gatherings and movie nights, for TV binge sessions and even the occasional lunch or dinner. It’s crispy on the edges and tender in the middle, spicy, tangy, and a little bit sweet. Try one floret erm, wing, and I promise, you’ll be back for more before you know it.

Buffalo cauliflower recipe ingredients

My Buffalo Cauliflower Wing Sauce

Before I break down the steps to this buffalo cauliflower recipe, let’s talk buffalo sauce. Named after

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Visiting Your Dentist in Singapore

If oral health is as important as people, make it out to be?

If you don’t know if you should head in for a check-up or are on the fence about finding your go-to dental clinic in Singapore, this article is for you.

Going to the dentist isn’t just something to do when your teeth start hurting, it’s something to maintain also, as your oral health is highly related to your overall health as teeth issues can branch into the sinus, eye, ear, and more.

Therefore, getting your teeth cleaned regularly doesn’t just prevent cavities or gingivitis, it also keeps your health in check too.

Unfortunately, not going to the dentist can lead to diseases and issues that can result in costly, or time-consuming procedures, surgeries, and more.

Are There Advantages to Regular Dental Visits?

When it comes to taking care of your teeth, there are some definite advantages.

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