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 Our food has three basic macronutrients protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Carbohydrates in our daily meals help us to gain energy. Natural sources of carbohydrates are grains, seeds, milk, fruits, vegetable, and nuts. A low-carb diet cuts the grams of carbohydrates from your daily meal. Restricting the intake amount of carbohydrates helps to manage weight and diabetes.


There is no specific definition of a low-carb diet but it can be described as a limited intake of carbohydrates up to 70 grams per day. Healthy low-carb diets will support weight loss and improve metabolism.

Low Carb Meals

A low carb diet helps to address different health issues but the degree of restriction should be supervised by some nutritionists to get maximum outcome.

Low-Carb Meals on the Go

Following are some of the low-carb meals which can be easily prepared in no time.

  1. Fried veggies and egg in coconut oils
  2. Lettuce
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Everyone definitely wants to look young so they try to do various ways to stay young. To be able to achieve it, not a few are willing to sacrifice material, time, and others.


Currently, the tips for staying young are synonymous with various difficult and expensive efforts. But actually, there are some natural and simple secrets of youthfulness, you know. Here’s how:

1. Watch Your Food

Not only skin health, overall body health also needs to be considered in order to stay young.

Therefore, make sure you have a healthy diet. Pay attention to meeting the balanced nutritional needs of each portion of your food. Avoid consuming fast food or unhealthy foods.

It’s best to get rid of foods that contain saturated fats, such as fried foods, offal, and red meat. Instead, increase the consumption of foods such as fruits and vegetables so that your vitamin, mineral and fiber needs … Read more

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FarsNews Agency Scientists Decode How the Brain Senses Smell

Ladies are extra susceptible to experiencing nausea from VR technology, so solely men had been included in the experiment. Credit score: NTNU

Researchers set up 31 male college students to have the ability to transfer round varied digital rooms whereas lying inside an MRI machine that scanned their brains. Outfitted with VR glasses and a joystick, individuals got 30 seconds in every room.

The duty was to recollect the room and the objects. Afterwards, they have been allowed to rest, and at last they were given a distracting process where they used different components of the mind. Mind activity was recorded throughout all phases.

Researcher Hallvard Røe Evensmoen and professor Asta Kristine Håberg at NTNU’s Division of Neuromedicine and Movement Science used practical MRI and self-developed laptop methods within the analysis mission.

The systems provided new information about how the brain perceives and remembers a new place or landscape.

The … Read more

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