FarsNews Agency Scientists Decode How the Brain Senses Smell

Ladies are extra susceptible to experiencing nausea from VR technology, so solely men had been included in the experiment. Credit score: NTNU

Researchers set up 31 male college students to have the ability to transfer round varied digital rooms whereas lying inside an MRI machine that scanned their brains. Outfitted with VR glasses and a joystick, individuals got 30 seconds in every room.

The duty was to recollect the room and the objects. Afterwards, they have been allowed to rest, and at last they were given a distracting process where they used different components of the mind. Mind activity was recorded throughout all phases.

Researcher Hallvard Røe Evensmoen and professor Asta Kristine Håberg at NTNU’s Division of Neuromedicine and Movement Science used practical MRI and self-developed laptop methods within the analysis mission.

The systems provided new information about how the brain perceives and remembers a new place or landscape.

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