Top 8 places to Buy or Rent Medical Equipment

If your loved one needs extra care or hospital care at home, you have come to the right place. Medintu is one of the leading Rental Medical Equipment distributors in the city, both for sale and rental. One cannot do this demanding job alone, so we bring you the list of Hyderabad’s top 8 medical equipment distributors. Any equipment that you may need is available for you.


Medintu is a well-established equipment and medical service portal in Hyderabad and multiple other metro cities. We only keep the best and most well-functioning equipment available for your specific needs. We offer both rental and buying options for the equipment. 

Our pricing doesn’t weigh too much on the pocket simultaneously, meeting your needs. Various types of oxygen concentrators, DVT pumps, and Walkers are available. The products can be seen before rental, and the cash-on-delivery option is available alongside home delivery. 

Customer satisfaction is our primary focus. Our customer care team is always available 24× 7 to help you out for any rental equipment queries.

We have different types of medical equipment and are:

1.3m 8210 N95 Respiratory Mask

2. Oxygen Concentrator

3. Oxygen Cylinder

4. Holter Monitor

5. WheelChair

6. Nebulizer Machine

7.Pulse Oximeter

8.Smart Peak Flow Meter

9. Ventilator Machine 

10. Hospital Beds / ICU Cots 

11. CPAP Machine

12. Walkers

13.BIPAP Machine

14. BP Machine

15. Syringe Pump

16. Patient Monitor

17. DVT Pump

18. Infrared Thermometer

19.Air Mattress

20.Commode Chair

2. Truecare Surgicals:

Truecare surgical is a very well-rated store for the purchase of medical equipment. They offer a wide range of reasonably priced equipment and home delivery services.

They have branches in Madhapur and Kukatpally and Nallagandla.

3. Sindhoori Surgicals:

It is an old and established distributor and medical and surgical equipment store. They have durable products with excellent reviews and have home delivery of the equipment. They have a superb redressal system, and management is helpful.

4. GVS Enterprises:

GVS Enterprises is another distributor of medical and surgical care equipment in Madhapur. They deliver good quality and efficient products to their customers, which are available for rental and buying.

5. Phillips Healthcare Services:

It is a trendy brand that delivers the best products. There are top-notch types of equipment that are available at store prices. The equipment has a warranty on purchase and home delivery for the buyer, among other benefits. The store also offers to service of goods.

6. Metro Surgicals:

It is a well-known equipment distributor. It has a wide range of products for rental, including a variety of commode chairs, air mattresses, and so on. The company offers home delivery and wholesale prices. It has a store in Malakpet.


it is a popular medical equipment store in Sanath Nagar. A variety of bedridden patient care equipment is available at this store and can be bought or hired. There is a high rating due to customer satisfaction and the quality of the equipment.

8. Health Mantra:

It is a medical equipment store in Banjara hills with a reputation for selling good-quality oxygen concentrators, bp machines, patient monitors, etc. The prices are reasonable, and the customer support is also top-notch.

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